Why Sustainable?

Increasingly we are becoming more interested in the food that we eat and realise that we have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society.

Plant based diets are becoming more popular, we are eating less beef and lamb, minimising the food that we waste and are becoming more interested in where our food comes from. Recycling is now part of most people’s everyday lives, many of us are starting to compost food waste, use recycled or biodegradable plastics and move back to using a traditional milkman with glass bottles.

Celebrity chefs have done their bit by increasing awareness of the food that we eat, we are now more conscious of every aspect of sustainability and our children have become a loud voice (and conscience) for the future.

The space given to organic foods is increasing in our supermarkets, for many people fairtrade tea & coffee, red-tractor meat and free-range eggs & chicken are the norm. We are looking to support local food producers and local businesses to reduce ‘food miles’ and sustain our local economy.

Our cooking methods should be focusing on producing food that contributes to a healthy diet whilst at the same time using less power.
Food provenance, authenticity, healthy eating and sustainability are no longer just ‘boxes to tick’ they are all now high on our customer’s agendas. We must ensure that catering services reflect these values. Instead of simply responding to trends and fashions we need to begin to innovate and pioneer in the way we deliver food service.

Did you know?

In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall.