About Us

The sustainable catering consultancy was created by Peter Sulston in 2008 to fill a need in the
industry that at the time received little attention or recognition.

With Peter’s retirement, we are now very pleased to welcome Ben Sulston to our team, signaling
an exciting new phase in our journey. Ben joins us with a diverse background cultivated from a
successful career in the hospitality industry, encompassing education, Business & Industry (B&I),
independent cafes, and restaurants. His journey reflects a commitment to excellence, and we are
excited to have him on board as we continue our mission to redefine sustainable catering

The groundwork established by Peter Sulston, a seasoned professional with more than three
decades of expertise, forms the cornerstone of our consultancy. Peter’s extensive career, spanning
various roles in Catering Management, Sales, Design & Planning, Consultancy, Training, and
Operations, reached its pinnacle when he served as the Managing Director for the student services
division of the largest contract caterer globally.

As we bid farewell to Peter’s remarkable career, we look forward to the fresh perspectives and
innovative thinking that Ben Sulston brings. Ben’s extensive background aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering uncomplicated, sensitive, and professional solutions. Together, we strive to build upon the foundation laid by Peter, creating a future where sustainable catering is not just a goal but a recognized and celebrated standard within the industry.

Did you know?

Forty per cent of people define ‘local’ as food from within a 10-mile radius of their home.