Sustainable Catering Consultancy for the Future

The Cambridge based sustainable catering consultancy offers a unique service to providers of catering in universities, colleges, schools and business & industry throughout the UK.

Whether your catering is provided in house or by a contractor (or you are looking to tender) we can help deliver a financially viable, healthy and sustainable catering service.

Like many other consultants we are specialists in analysing and providing solutions in areas such as finance, food quality, marketing & merchandising, vending, hygiene, health & safety and tendering. The difference is that we also look at sustainability, authenticity, diversity and fairtrade in every aspect of your catering service.

Our approach is refreshingly open, clear and positive. Our aim is to provide assistance, guidance and comfort, whilst often challenging the status quo. We passionately believe that we have the opportunity to contribute to a new responsible style of catering – one that you will be proud of!