Why Sustainable Catering?

Increasingly we are becoming more interested in the food that we eat and realize that we have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable society.

We are all becoming involved in minimizing packaging and waste. Recycling is now part of most people's everyday lives and many of us are starting to compost food waste.

Celebrity chefs are doing their bit by increasing awareness of the food that we eat and how it is produced with particular focus on free range chickens and eggs.

The space given to organic foods is increasing in our supermarkets and many shops now only stock fairtrade tea and coffee. We are looking to support local food producers and local businesses and the phrase 'food miles' is now regularly used.

Our cooking methods should be focusing on producing food that contributes to a healthy diet whilst at the same time using less power.

Food provenance, authenticity, healthy eating and sustainability are no longer just 'boxes to tick' they are all now high on our customer's agendas. It is your responsibility to ensure that your catering service reflects these values. Instead of simply responding to trends and fashions we need to begin to innovate and pioneer in the way we deliver food service.

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