Privacy Policy

What information does The Sustainable Catering Consultancy collect?
When you contact The Sustainable Catering Company using the contact form, we collect your name, email address and telephone number. This information is essential for us to reply to your enquiry. At times we may collect information on your browser and/or operating system (colour depth, screen resolution, etc). This information will be used to make this site easier to use and more cross-browser compatible.

How is this information stored?
All information provided to The Sustainable Catering Consultancy is stored on ONE computer in a password protected area. There is NO access to this data from the internet. Back-ups are taken weekly and rotated and the most recent back-up is kept off-site in a secure facility. All back-ups are password protected and encrypted.

Can I see what information is held?
In accordance with the Data Protection Act, The Sustainable Catering Consultancy will, at any time and subject to a standard administration fee of 5.00, provide details of all information stored relating to a particular company, organisation and/or individual. Requests for this information will only be accepted from the individual concerned or a recognised officer of the business or organisation concerned.

Will my details be passed on to other companies?
The Sustainable Catering Consultancy does not, and will not, pass on or sell information to other companies, organisations or individuals without the express permission of the individual or recognised officer of the business or organisation concerned.

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